Weigh-in Information

Beyond the weight matrix, the NVYFL organizes most weight classes into three development levels or divisions. This unique approach aims to provide a tailored experience for players of varying skill levels, allowing them to thrive at their own pace. Two exceptions to the three skill levels include the Anklebiters (AB) category, where all children are considered developmental, and the 155lb weight class. The latter is a particular case due to participation levels, and it primarily comprises players in the last stage before transitioning to high school football.

NVYFL officially recognizes the Age and Weight Matrix. Until the Official Rules undergo updates, this matrix will continue to serve as the official guideline. It is imperative to note that players must meet the minimum weight requirements for participation—40lbs for Anklebiters and 56lbs for other weight classes—at or above the minimum weight during the official weigh-in, typically scheduled for mid-to-late August.

Age determination is based on cutoff dates to maintain fairness and consistency. For ages 7-11 and 14, the age is considered as of October 1. For ages 15-16, 15-year-olds turning 16 on or before December 31st must play in the 155lbs weight class. Notably, players turning 17 on or before December 31st are not eligible to participate.

Please be aware that this information is subject to change based on updates to the Official Rules. 


Each player must obtain a Player Identification Card. The card will be required as an official player identification at all NVYFL Weigh-Ins and upon demand by the NVYFL Standards and Rules Committee pursuant to executing the Committee's official duties.

Player Identification Card shall be the sole allowable proof of age in determining a player's eligibility.


  • A current Virginia DMV-issued CHILD ID (NOT EXPIRED) IS REQUIRED for official league weigh-ins in August. 
  • DMV offices are located throughout the area; for information regarding how and where to obtain a CHILD ID, please visit the DMV website at https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/licenses-ids/id-cards/child-id.


The child ID card contains the following:

  • Customer number
  • Date of birth, height, and sex
  • Expiration date and issue date
  • Full legal name and address
  • Full-face photograph
  • Statement "Not a license to operate a motor vehicle"
  • Statement "Organ donor information"

Virginia Children's Identification Card, REAL ID Compliant


No other Identification Cards/Proof of Age and Residence are acceptable.


All identification cards must be valid, current, and issued within the above-mentioned time frame.

Identification Cards



All Player Identification Cards of eligible participants shall be maintained by the Player during football season. All Player Identification Cards shall be available from NVYFL Standards and Rules Committee members on demand.


Suppose at any time during the season, a protest is filed against a player. In that case, the Commissioner and Head Coach of the player against whom the protest has been lodged shall attend the NVYFL Standards and Rules Committee Meeting or Weigh-In, as specified, with the Player Identification Card.



  • A player will have only one chance to make his weight. Once he steps on an official scale and is found overweight, he must move up to the proper higher-weight class. A player who cannot move to a higher weight class, either because their league does not file a higher weight class team or because they fall outside the boundaries of the weigh-in requirements for any class, may be allowed a second weigh-in at a time and place designated by the Standards and Rules Committee Vice-Chairman.
  • There will be no waivers for weight.
  • All players must be officially weighed in to become eligible for NVYFL competition.
  • All youth registered with one organization become a member of that organization's team roster at the time of their official Weigh-In and cannot be transferred to another organization's team during the football season and post-season.
  • Youth shall wear gym shorts or bathing suits at a minimum. Youth shall wear only one pair of shorts (or bathing suit), a t-shirt, and socks as a maximum. No long pants, coats, shoes, football uniforms, or heavier garments will be allowed.
  • If deemed necessary by the NVYFL, late weigh-ins shall be conducted at a time and place to be announced, with a per-player late weigh-in fee paid to NVYFL.

See the official rulebook for additional information.



  • Official league (NVYFL) weigh-ins will be conducted at Marshall High School7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043, on Saturday mornings in August.

    • ​Saturday, August 10th (1st Weigh-In)

    • Saturday, August 17th (2nd Weigh-In) 

    • Saturday, August 24th (3rd Weigh-In) 

  • Coaches will provide further instructive information to the parents and players.

  • Players are only allowed to weigh in once to determine their division.

  • NVYFL charges a fee, to be collected by Member Clubs, for the 2nd and 3rd weigh-in.